Finding a great babysitter shouldn't be so hard!


A couple of years ago I returned from London to live in Sydney and one of the first challenges I faced was finding a great babysitter.  As a busy working Mum, who also appreciates some time out with friends, having a support network available to me was really important.  But it was also really hard to put in place!  I have no family in Sydney, and my friends did not have many carers they could recommend.  So nights out were few, and events were missed when someone cancelled at the last moment.  I talked to lots of other parents and discovered I was not alone.  And so the idea for Mynder was born.

We all need some time out - whether it be for date night, to do unexpected hours at work, or even just be able to stay in bed when we aren't feeling well, knowing someone we trust is there looking after our children.

Our mission is to create a network of great quality child carers that you and your children adore. We want every parent to be able to take a little time out knowing their children are safe, happy and in great hands.

Everyone loves their Mynder, and I know you will too!


Who Are We?

Trudy Crawford (Founder)

Trudy About us imageI'm a Mum (my cricket crazy son, Nick, is now 9) so I understand first hand the importance of finding great babysitters.  And I know how painful it is to meet someone, go through the whole process of checking out their experience and qualifications, only for them to not be available when I need them.  I designed Mynder to take all of the hard work out of finding a fabulous carer for your children.

I've taken my own rigorous standards for finding a babysitter for my son and created the Parent Test - a screening process that ensures only the best make it onto our team.  And I've developed a quick and easy tool to use which makes booking them easy.  It takes just seconds to make a booking, and I guarantee you'll love each and every one of our team.

Before setting up Mynder I worked in Australia and the UK for companies in the media, FMCG and financial services industries.  I led transformation programs for a number of large companies to improve the way they operated and now I'm loving using those skills to build Mynder.

I'm passionate about ensuring we offer only the best carers, in a way that makes it easy for parents to organise amazing child care whenever they need it.  Feel free to get in touch if you have any suggestions about how we can improve our service.

Lisa Middleton (Childcare Recruitment Specialist)

About Us Lisa Middleton2

I have worked in Children Services for the past 20 years, commencing in centre based care moving into recruitment and now as a coordinator. I am a mum to an 8yr old girl who keeps me entertained through many of her extra curricular activities such as dancing, musical theatre and soccer. Therefore I understand the importance of quality time.

In my working life I enjoy working with children and their families and I realise that it is difficult to find the right person to look after your child. My role with Mynder is to assist in the recruitment process of experienced, energetic, professional babysitters that I would feel comfortable leaving my own daughter with.