Mynder to the Rescue


In addition to passing the 9-step parent test and being extremely qualified, our mynders are there for you when you need them most!

Sick Kids:

Full-time working mum, Jessica, sent her two boys (Liam and Henry) to school just like any other day. When she received a call from the school saying that Henry was in the office after having just thrown up, Jessica found herself in a bit of a bind. Jessica was able to sneak away from work to pick Henry and Liam up but had an important meeting she needed to attend later that afternoon. Thankfully, she remembered her sister had told her about an app called ‘Mynder’ that she had been using and loving! Jessica downloaded the app and within minutes was able to sign up and create a booking! After a couple hours, a qualified Mynder had accepted her booking and Jessica was able to go to her meeting. Chloe (the qualified mynder) had 5 years’ experience as a babysitter and was even qualified in early childhood education. When Jessica returned home exhausted after a long day, she was relieved to see that the boys were showered, had eaten dinner and were well taken care of despite being sick.

Date Night:

Joe and Eric are two busy dads with two (equally as busy) little girls under 4! They had finally planned a date night and were looking so forward to it all week! The morning of, Eric received a call from their regular babysitter that she was coming down with a cold and had to cancel. Joe had previously downloaded the ‘Mynder’ app and created an account but had yet to make a booking since they had a regular babysitter that they were comfortable with (we all know how hard it is to leave kiddos with someone new!). Remembering how ‘Mynder’ screens all of their sitters and ensures that each carer has their WWCC, police check, current first aid certification, references and experience, Joe and Eric felt comfortable knowing their little ones would be in good hands and went ahead to create a booking! Little did they know that their girls would not only be in good hands but the very best when Leah accepted the booking. Joe and Eric were able to go on their date having peace of mind, knowing that Leah had all the qualifications they wanted in a sitter! Joe and Eric returned home to find their girls snug as bugs in a rug tucked in bed and fast asleep. Not only were the dad’s extremely happy with Leah but the girls even asked when she would be back again!


Sam and Kate reside in Melbourne with their children aged 6 yrs, 3 yrs and a 9-month-old. They recently received an invitation to Kates’ brother’s wedding in Sydney. Wanting to take the kids to visit with family but also wanting to have a kid-free-night at the wedding, they knew they would need a babysitter while they were there! Being an Instagram-fanatic, Kate remembered coming across Mynder on Instagram and was excited to use it since she would be able to use it in Sydney. Even a month in advance, Kate was able to go into the Mynder app, create an account and have a Mynder booked within minutes! Thanks to ‘Mynder’, Sam and Kate were able to rest easy in the weeks leading up to the wedding knowing that they had someone with all the necessary qualifications to look after the kids, even interstate.


Regardless of what your situation is, Mynder will always provide you with easy-to-use, flexible, on-demand child care! Download the Mynder app now to book your mynder!