How to remove stains because you can't remove your kids


True. Stains aren’t the most exciting topic of the 21st century but I can’t be the only parent struggling to remove sh*t from clothes (sometimes quite literally). Stains are inevitable and I am not sure why but they tend to be drawn to expensive white shirts. Let’s be honest, it is absolutely impossible to have a stain-free house, especially with wild creatures, I mean children, running around. There are heaps of stain-removal products, but you might not have any in the house right when you need it and even if you do, sometimes even those don’t get the pesky stains out! So here are my tips and tricks to getting stains out… you’re welcome.

Crayon (next time I’m buying a pack of only white ones):

Lay down a stack of paper towels then place the clothing item with the crayon-stained side facing down on top of the paper towels. Spray (stained side down) with WD-40 and let sit for 5 minutes. Flip it over (stain side up), spray, and let it sit 5 minutes. Once that is done, rinse it really well and then rub it with dishwashing soap. Rinse it again and wash as normal!

Mud (I don’t understand how this gets literally everywhere):

As messy as it may be, let the mud dry then try and scrape off as much of the mud as possible before trying to get the actual stain itself out (it’s much easier to remove dirt rather than mud). Once you shook off as much as possible, let the item soak in a mixture of warm water, dish detergent and white vinegar for at least 15 minutes. Rinse it with water and let it sit for a few minutes. If the stain is still there, blot the stain with isopropyl alcohol, rinse it and wash.

Grass & Ink (my. worst. nightmare.):

In a well-ventilated room, use acetone on a rag and rub the stain. You want to do it quite profusely in order to get it in the fibers and need to repeat the process to remove as much as you can. Once it looks like you’ve gotten as much as you, rinse it with isopropyl alcohol and let it dry. Letting it dry is very important as you want the chemicals to soak in before you wash it!

Tomato & Barbecue Sauce (the only way I get my kids to eat vegetables):

Create a mixture of cool water, ½ teaspoon liquid dishwashing soap and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and let the clothing item soak for around 30 minutes then rinse it and wash it. If the stain is still there, put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide on the stain, let it sit and wash again!

Coffee (daily necessity, can I get mine with a shot of motivation too pls):

With some of my favorite clothing items ruined with little light brown spots or faded red drops, I can testify that coffee stains and red wine stains (see the next stain) can be the trickiest ones to remove. If the coffee stain sets in, there will be several rounds of soaking involved. If you catch the coffee stain right away, run it under cold water and you may get lucky enough for it to come out with just that! However, if the stain sets in, you will need to rub laundry detergent (or liquid dish soap if you don’t have liquid laundry detergent) and cold water on the stain and let them sit for at least 5 minutes (you can let it set longer just make sure it doesn’t dry)! If rubbing it doesn’t work, you’ll need to rub it with detergent and then proceed to let in soak in water. While it soaks in the water, gently rub the stain every few minutes. You can even use a toothbrush to scrub the stain if it is really stubborn! After all these steps, wash it and hope for the best!

Red Wine (a requirement for every parent, ever):

Like I said above, red wine stains are awful. Whether you catch them right away or the day after, they can be the toughest ones to get out. One of the best tricks that I learned was to use white wine on the red wine stain. I don’t know what it is but somehow this has worked for me many times! Lay the clothing down and blot (don’t rub) the stain with a rag with white wine on it. In the same steps as the white wine, using club soda works as well! If neither of those work, dishwashing liquid and hydrogen peroxide is a popular solution. Mix 3-parts hydrogen peroxide to 1-part dish soap and just pour the solution onto the stain and let it sit. Repeat this as many times as needed until the stain magically disappears!

Whether it be your kiddo making a mess of their clothes or you having a clumsy moment, we have all experienced our fair share of stains! AND there are more yet to come parents (woohoo). I hope that one of these tricks gets you out of a sticky situation (actually though).