Appetizer for the eBook


Date night is important no matter what you decide to get up to! We learnt that from relationship expert The Glitter Bug, who gave us all the wisdom we could ever want about love in our new eBook that just launched. Whatever your relationship status may be, we all know how important it is to make sure your little family has lots of love! Keeping the love alive and that fierce spark going is so important for your family. We aren’t just talking about loving your partner or your kiddos but also loving yourself and taking extra steps to care for yourself. The Glitter Bug tells us just how important these things are in our eBook! The Glitter Bug is a dating expert and a mentor for single women by empowering them with happiness and confidence. She aspires to share love and embraces life with everything it has to offer. She not only inspires people daily but also manages to host regular live events, writes a blog and provides a community for women who may want extra support with a break-up, removing themselves from toxic situations or just wanting to do some personal development before entering a relationship. She is a woman of many talents and we have been lucky enough for her to share her wisdom and advice with us!

In our eBook, The Glitter Bug gives us her top 3 tips on how to keep the love alive, not just for you and your partner or your kids, but also tips on loving yourself along the way. She tells us the importance of planning a date night in order to break the day-to-day routine and keep the excitement going. There are so many different ways that you can do a date-night but she explains that the most important things are connecting with each other and encouraging the romance between the two of you (that means putting the phones away and disconnecting for a little while!). The next two tips that The Glitter Bug gives us may take a little more effort on your part but are so important in the long run-practicing self-love and practicing gratitude! The Glitter Bug gives us the hard truth that in order to be able to love and care for others, we have to be able to do the same for ourselves and gives us practical ways to incorporate this into your daily routine! While also working on caring for ourselves, practicing gratitude is the final key to keeping the love alive! We see the word ‘gratitude’ popping up everywhere and if you’re like me you’re wondering ‘why’? Well fear not, with The Glitter Bug’s expertise and research, she tells us that studies are showing that daily gratitude strengthens the mind and can assist in our overall well being.

We all could use a little advice from time to time, so download our new eBook to read more about the essentials of love and relationships (as well as a bunch of other tips that we’ve put together for you)!