How to Ace the Summer Holidays


School holidays are starting! Hopefully you’re getting some time off from work, and you’ll get to spend extra quality time with the kiddos. Slight downside is - you have to keep the little rascals entertained (and it ain’t always easy!). Luckily, there’s a million options, it can just be a little hard to find the ones that are worth doing. So, to help you all out, we’ve put together a list of some of the most fun and interesting things for you and the kids to do these school holidays.


Slime, snot and goo! Let’s be honest, even the most darling of kiddos love things that are a bit gross - it’s all new and interesting to them! So, let them learn about some of the ickier parts of life with kids entertainers ‘the Listies’ new educational comedy show Ickypedia. They’ll answer all of your bubs burning questions about the stuff you probably don’t want to talk about, and keep them entertained. Tickets to the show have family discounts, and it runs all throughout January (great to keep the ball rolling after all of the Christmas excitement)!

Little Darlings Night Owls Film Festival

The name is definitely a mouth full, but outdoor cinemas are a great way to make movie night a little bit more special - and Little Darlings Night Owls Kids Film Festival is helping you do just that for your bubs! You’ll be able to catch films like Lego Ninjago, Peter Rabbit and Coco, all for free.. YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT- FREE! The 17 night event will take place in the Darling Quarter, making it the perfect afternoon outing, with a bunch of dining options, and things to check out (there’s even $10 parking if you book a space online!) The movie is the main event, but there will be a bunch of live music and kids entertainers before and after the film so the kiddos won’t have a chance to be bored. (There’s even some screenings later at night if you wanna go back and watch one of 2018’s blockbuster flicks with your partner)

The Powerhouse Museum

Who said learning can’t be fun? The Powerhouse Museum is full of incredible exhibits, that include hands-on experiences for the curious kiddos, and will actually teach them something! They have permanent walk through exhibits on space, and transport, as well as a bunch of extra holiday activities and workshops for the kids to get involved with. Admission is free for under 16’s, so your bubs can enjoy most of the museum at no cost, and the extra special stuff you may have to pay for normally won’t run you more than $30 (which is pretty cheap for a full day of fun). There’s a cafe in the museum for some yummy lunch and a massive playground to keep the kids from getting restless! It’s a fun day that every bub should get to experience.

Monkey Mania

Get your little rascals active! Monkey Mania is an indoor play centre bursting with jumping castles, climbing structures and slides, and even includes a dedicated area for toddlers. It will cost you about $20 to get both you and bubs in, but we reckon that’s a small price to pay for hours of fun! There’s a few venues across Sydney, including the Entertainment Quarter, so it’s easy to make a full day out that will excite the kids for hours on end!

Swim School / Nippers

After what felt like a year long winter, summer is here! It’s the perfect time to put your bubs into swim school, and you can do this pretty much anywhere. It’s essential for little Aussie kids to learn to swim, we’re surrounded by water - and swimming is a great activity to keep your kids active. They’ll be able to make new friends, and it gives them something to look forward to throughout the week. The options are endless with this one, your local aquatic centre will absolutely have a holiday program, and if you’re near the beach, check out the Nippers program! This one is fun for the kids, but ultimately will keep them safe too - it’s a win-win.

Taronga Zoo

You can’t go wrong with a day at the zoo! It’s a full on day, but your bubs will absolutely love the adventure. Seeing all the different animals and learning about their habitats will have your kids in awe for hours on end. You can tackle the zoo on your own, or get involved in a bunch of experiences - like the Wild Ropes course, the Tiger Trek, or the many zookeeper talks and live shows. There’s even a dinosaur installation at the moment! Bubs are a focus for Taronga, so your kids are bound to have an experience that they’ll cherish forever.

Feeling like you’re gonna be parent of the year yet? We reckon you will be! Keeping your kiddos entertained all holidays long can be difficult, but we hope we gave you some ideas on how to curb the boredom! Let us know if you have any more ideas to make summer holidays fun!

At Mynder, we also understand that sometimes you need a break (and that’s where we come in- woohoo!). As much fun as it is to spend more time with the kids, it is also necessary to have some time to yourself so that you can enjoy some well-needed relaxation time. Download our app now to book a fully-screened Mynder and take the break you need!