4 Reasons You Should Gift a Mynder Gift Card


Christmas is less than two weeks away (yes, we just said that), and if you’re like us, you probably still have a little bit (a lot) of gift shopping to do. Between work, and keeping the kids taken care of and happy, it can be difficult to find the time to go gift shopping for everyone. Now, we know a gift card sounds like something you get for your Secret Santa partner that you don’t really want to buy for, but a Mynder gift card makes for the perfect gift for anyone in your life that has kiddos running around at home! We want to help all the busy parents (that definitely includes you and your partner) to relax a little - but just in case you don’t believe us yet, we’ve put together a little list to show you why Mynder gift cards are the best pressie for that amazing parent that you know!

Christmas is Exhausting:

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year, but it’s also one of the most stressful for anyone with kiddos at home! They deserve a little break - even just to go treat themselves to a coffee, or if you get in early, that extra gift shopping time will have you in their good books for all of next year. Giving someone the gift of free time is pretty much priceless!

Date Night - What’s That?

All the mums and dads in your life will resonate with this statement. If you’ve got bubs at home - you know the feeling all too well - you never get alone time with your partner. A night off for you both (or another couple you know!) will be a godsend. It can be hard to keep that spark alive between school drop offs, cooking, cleaning, the next meeting at work and desperately trying to get a decent sleep. If you’ve got a Mynder though, you’ll be able to have a romantic evening, without worrying about the kids. Did someone say wine?

Valentines Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays…

Random date night? Maybe it’s okay to miss a few of those, but things like Valentines Day, anniversaries and birthdays pop up out of nowhere! It’s important not to let go of all of your special evenings, and having a Mynder gift card on hand will make it easier to plan for them. If you’ve already made plans for occasions like these - our gift cards are perfect presents for them!

Everyone Deserves A Break:

Everyone loves their bubs, but that doesn’t mean mums and dads don’t need time to themselves. A moment to go to the movies, catch up with friends, or get some extra work done will be so appreciated, because it’s almost impossible to do it without a little help, and that’s why our gift cards exist.

We made Mynder gift cards because we want parents to be able to take a break when they need it most, whenever that may be! So, what are you waiting for? If you think this sounds like the kind of gift that’s perfect for the mums and dads in your life, grab one today just in time for Christmas!