The Mumpreneur Project: Caroline Guillemain-Brunne

Meet this weeks 'boss babe': Caroline Guillemain-Brunne...

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Super-mum to these two gorgeous boys and the founder of Organise.Curate.Design. An absolute queen of organisation and to be honest I think we would all be better off taking a leaf out of her book! 

Your friends refer to you as: CGB

Job title and where you work: Founder, Organise.Curate.Design.

Describe yourself in three words:

1. Boss

2. Organised

3. Determined

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Can you tell us about your career journey so far?

I commenced my career as an Event Manager 14 years ago and have had the pleasure of working in the events industry managing a range of major internationally recognised events and exhibitions throughout Australia over those years.

I began specialising in the management of first aid and medical services for events and venues in 2009 and had become known as the most qualified and sought-after account manager of this unique and vital service. I have an exclusive understanding and insight of the requirements of my role, far beyond my peers within the industry.

Throughout my career I have been continuously recognised for my efficiency and professionalism when looking after clients. I am known for my ability to meet my client’s expectations whilst managing various projects and deadlines.

Using these skills I launched Organise.Curate.Design in July 2017 to assist clients find work life balance in their personal or work lives. Managing their life admin and easing their workload.

Working as a Life Assistant I help clients by ‘doing’ the items on their to do list. This can be done in their home or business lives and I often help them tick off things that they have been procrastinating on for quite some time.

It’s wonderful to have the ability to use my natural organising skills to help people regain some balance and clarity.


What is your favourite thing about being a mama?

The feeling of really understanding what unconditional love feels like. I feel blessed to have the privilege of being a parent as I know not everyone is afforded this opportunity. I love watching my children grow as they tackle the challenges of life whilst creating their own view points and personalities.


How has being a mama changed your perspective on life?

Having children has given me a new-found appreciation for what is most important in life. They have helped me prioritise my needs and wants and understand the value of family.


In your opinion, do you believe you can really “have it all” when it comes to being a mum and having a career?

I think Dame Quentin Bryce said it best ‘Yes, you can have it all, but not all at the same time.’

I believe the key to that is a sense of balance, knowing what works for you and outsourcing tasks where possible. I’m fortunate that I am super organised but I find prioritising my life daily helps me understand what is most important and always remembering to be kind to myself as no one can ever be perfect as a Mum or in their career.


How do you stay sane being a working mama?

I am fortunate to be organised, which is the skill I use to help other parents stay sane. I set block times in my day and try to plan at least a few days ahead. I am fortunate that I can outsource tasks like cleaning which I do not enjoy or do all that well.

As your children get older be sure to have an open communication channel with them. Be honest with them about your day, share your highs and lows. They are often looking up to you and it shows them real resilience for you to share the bad, especially when they can see you pick yourself back up and have another win.


What would your advice be to women who are mothers who are preparing to return to work or start a business of their own?

Be clear with your expectations, for yourself, your family and also your new role/business. If you know what you want to achieve it will help set a plan and to not be disappointed in the early days.

Know your non-negotiables and stick to them. If you know you want to work specific hours to fit around your family needs be clear about that and if your new role/business can accommodate for those needs you need to be the one to stick to them.

Ensure you have a great network around you and call on them whenever you need some support. The Parenting and a career juggle can be hard so it’s always good to have a squad to get you through the difficult days.


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