The Mumpeneur Project: Ashleigh Alsadie

Meet the beautiful, talented and clever Ashleigh Alsadie. Mama to gorgeous Nahla and an absolute killer in the business world (seriously though.. cold calling is slightly terrifying to the rest of us, right?!). We are certainly impressed.

Meet the beautiful, talented and clever Ashleigh Alsadie. Mama to gorgeous Nahla and an absolute killer in the business world (seriously though.. cold calling is slightly terrifying to the rest of us, right?!). We are certainly impressed.

Your friends refer to you as: Ash (and in the business world it is the Cold Calling Queen!)

Job title and where you work: The Cold Calling Queen | Professional Speaker and Sales Trainer | Founder and Director of The PromoDonna


Describe yourself in three words:

1. Passionate

2. Energetic

3. Persevering

babysitting, instagram, mynder

Can you tell us about your career journey so far?:

I studied a Degree in Communications, majoring in Public Relations at University. Comms is quite broad, however, and it was actually friend who recommended that I try Corporate Sales. Looking back, it makes sense due to my ‘gift of the gab’ and love of people.

I joined the team of a small sales firm on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. They mainly went out selling face-to-face for clientele, but my boss at the time asked me to start generating sales leads for the business. She pointed at the telephone one morning and asked me to phone all of the companies in the area, to drum up new sales leads.

I’ll never forget that first cold call I made. I was nervous and didn’t know what to say... but quite quickly I found that there were consistent responses prospects gave me, ways to build rapport with them and most of all, that I loved doing it!

Clients would often say: “Ashleigh, I need someone like you for my own business, I hate doing the sales grunt work”. It was this moment that I found a gap in the market place and I thought… what if I could set up my own little firm, cold calling for my own clientele?

I decided to jump in the deep end and bring my dream to life. I literally started calling companies from my bedroom, pitching to them how passionate I was about sales and how I wanted to help them to grow their business, and quite quickly I created a strong list of clients.

Fast-forward to now and The PromoDonna has grown into a boutique Melbourne-based sales and marketing firm with five staff. We have created high quality B2B sales leads and meetings through cold calling and prequalification for hundreds of clients around Australia. Now with a qualification as a Master NLP Coach and trained actress, I can demonstrate proven sales methods to my course attendees that can be implemented immediately, producing instant results.


What is your favourite thing about being a mama?

Not a day goes by that I am not in awe of my daughter Nahla! She is my greatest achievement. At only 9 months she’s so beautiful, smart, funny and definitely a little cheeky!

My favourite thing about being a mama is probably that my life has taken on a whole different meaning – I’m living for someone else now. She is my main motivation.


How has being a mama changed your perspective on life?

Wow – becoming a mama changes EVERYTHING.

I was once a career-driven woman who worked 70-hour weeks, and now I would say for half of my week I am a devoted mama. I’ve become a lot more aware of how my emotions and energy affect her, so it has brought me a sense of peace and patience that I didn’t know I had.


In your opinion, do you believe you can really “have it all” when it comes to being a mum and having a career?

I do believe you can ‘have it all’ but it depends on your definition of the phrase. Sure, you can be a Mum and run a business, but be prepared for it to be a constant juggling act. You’ll probably find yourself torn between the two consistently.

Essentially, I have learnt in my journey as a mama that I have to assign days to being a Mum and giving Nahla my full attention. Then I have certain days and hours completely assigned to work.


How do you stay sane being a working mama?

·      Exercise: I am a passionate long-distance runner, so I struggled right after giving birth and not being able to stretch my legs! I’ve started training again now though, and I find nothing beats putting my feet on the pavement, listening to some loud music, feeling the wind on my face, and just having some time to myself!

·      Build a strong support network: I joined a CBD-based Mothers Group and its been fantastic. The women are all either corporate, or run their own business, and therefore understand everything I’m going through.

·      Remember not to be too hard on yourself: You can’t do everything! The days that I have really struggled have been when I have a million things to do – as a Business Owner and a Mum – and I’ve tried to make EVERYTHING work. But as many would understand, a lot of the time when you’re a mum, nothing goes to plan. So, on those days I have to remember to breathe, and accept that some things may not get done and that’s okay.


What would your advice be to women who are mothers who are preparing to return to work or start a business of their own?

If you’re returning to work, know that the first few days are the hardest. I remember the guilt I felt leaving Nahla in those early days was huge – but I found that the time apart actually made us even happier to see each other after, and that our quality time together was even better. I am a true believer that working women will only inspire their little ones to be driven and passionate when they’re older, so know that you are doing an amazing thing, not only for you, but for your children.

For those thinking of starting a business, I’ll be completely honest: if you think starting a business is the best option because it’s going to give you more flexibility and money as a Mum, that may not be the case.

Being a Business Owner is like having another baby – the business also needs your constant attention; it needs nurturing and ‘food’ (mainly sales and marketing) so that it can grow; it still requires you to give 100%...all whilst doing the same for your children. It isn’t for the faint hearted, but if you have a burning desire to fulfil your career dreams whilst being a parent, it is possible.

And I do believe that with everything you learn as a parent, it may actually allow you to be the best Business Owners you can be!


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