Top 5 Netflix Original Shows that Every Mama needs to BINGE on


Quick! You have an extra hour all to yourself, what do you watch?? If you’re anything like us, finding something to watch on Netflix can often take longer than an episode of the show you end up watching. Take a look at our Top-5 Netflix Original picks the next time you’re in need of a show!


When this series ended the only words I had were “holy guacamole” (and in the best way possible). In this British TV show, Anna Friel won Best Actress at the International Emmy Awards for her performance as a mother returning to detective work. While she fights through her chaotic life at home, she returns to work to investigate a serial killer case from the past. This dark, almost psychotic thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what happens next. It’s a BIG yes from me.

Ali Wong: Baby Cobra & Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife

Ali Wong is not your typical stand-up comedian, and this is what makes her shows ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. Think pregnant woman on stage preaching about the realities of motherhood and marriage in the 21st century. Ali Wong’s raunchy, feminist, stand-up is guaranteed to keep you laughing. While Ali’s stand up is not an on-going TV series, it’s relatable, funny, and absolutely deserving of a spot on our Top-5.

The Sinner

So much yes to this ‘binge-worthy’ series! Trying to uncover the mystery as to why a young mother murdered a stranger, a detective attempts to understand the reasoning behind it. In this suspenseful thriller, you’ll get wrapped up in the mystery of it all and won’t be able to watch just one episode! Warning: I managed to get through a season in a week (oops).

Alias Grace

Based on Margaret Atwood‘s award-winning novel (also wrote The Handmaid’s Tale), Alias Grace is a miniseries set in the 19th century. If you loved the Handmaid’s Tale, this series is an absolute MUST for you.  A psychiatrist takes interest in a murderess’ case and questions her to see if she is truly guilty. If you’re looking for a cerebral show to keep you thinking, then this drama is the one for you!

You Me Her

What seems like your basic romcom quickly becomes pretty edgy when a suburban couple’s seemingly normal marriage turns into a polyamorous relationship involving a university student. This unique series involves true romance with real stakes at hand. Between its authenticity and light-heartedness, this story about relationships of all kinds proves to be a must-watch.

To top it all off, treat yourself with popcorn and a glass (or three) of wine, happy watching!

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