Kid Lunches: Rice Cakes as an Alternative


Sandwiches are a quick, easy go-to but maybe your kiddos (and you) are getting bored with the same thing every day. Finding a balance between something that’s nutritious yet equally delicious and interesting for the kids can be a difficult balancing act. Don’t forget to add in the picky eaters and food allergies that make it all the more complicated! In need of some fresh lunch ideas?? Rice cakes are an easy alternative to sandwiches that are very versatile and open a whole new door to lunch ideas! Not only rice cakes do allow for quick lunches but they also cater to all the dietary needs that your little munchkins may have. Listed below are a few lunchbox ideas to kickstart lunches for the littles (and even you!) using rice cakes!


rice cake with peanut butter, top with banana 

strawberries & blueberries




rice cake topped with avo

tomatoes & edamame 

orange slices



rice cake with hummus & salami 

capsicum & cucumber 

slices of cheese

mango or peaches


mini rice cakes 

slices of ham & cheese

mandarin & grapes

lettuce & pea pods 


rice cake with pizza sauce, top with mozzarella cheese with other extra “pizza” toppings 


carrots & broccoli 

apple slices

Sometimes if I want to switch it up from rice cakes, corn thins are a yummy alternative that work just as well! Hopefully these allergy-friendly ideas will help you spruce up your lunches and give you more options to choose from! Happy lunch-making!!