Top 5 Bedtime Stories that you'll actually want to read...


Are you running out of stories to tell your little ones? Picking the right books to read for bedtime can be challenging but also very rewarding. Why? That’s because these stories are the last thing your bubs hear before they fall asleep! So to wish them a good night’s sleep, we’ve compiled a list of all-time favourites for you to read to your little ones at night.

‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle

This classic read will have you and your bub feeling all warm and fuzzy inside as you unravel the story of a hungry baby caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly. This book can give your little one an image of hope and growth, as they are able to identify themselves as the caterpillar who is perceived to be small and insignificant. However, the caterpillar will soon grow and transform into a significant butterfly that has the ability and mindset to achieve anything (small or big). Your little one can be reminded that they too will bloom into someone they want to become.

‘Where Is Spot?’ by Eric Hill

Introduce your kid to the loveable puppy named, Spot. This book will take you and your little ones on an exciting journey to find where Spot is hiding. Its lift-the-flap book design acts as an all-time favourite interactive storybook for kids, as they are able to go on an adventure to look for a mischievous puppy in a fun and creative way. I can say that this little pup acts as a spitting image of your little one getting up to all sort of mischiefs (don’t you agree? haha).

‘Animalphabet’ by Julia Donaldson

Learning the alphabet has never been so fun and easy! Although this book is interactive and may not make your little ones sleepy, your bubs will definitely take something from it. The book takes an interesting approach to teaching the alphabet with the colourful illustrations and the cut-outs in the pages. This is a great way to squeeze in that last bit of learning before bedtime!

‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen

Take your little one on an adventure on the search for a bear. As you read (or sing!) this family favourite, your little one will definitely feel excited at the end. The book encourages your bubs to be imaginative and creative as they growl and stomp through the forest with you. Pick up this great read next time your little one says they are in need for something exciting!

‘Possum Magic’ by Mem Fox

Lastly, another Australian classic! Work up a little bit of magic before bedtime as you take your bub on a journey with Grandma Possum and Hush through the Australian bush (hopefully, your little one doesn’t get too hungry)! This book is a great way to spark curiosity by opening the Australian culture with the lovely illustrations.

Hopefully, you and your kids enjoy these stories as much as we do! If you have any other all time favourites to recommend, let us know down below!

Bella Rowley