The House is Too Quiet - Podcast Time


We’re all back at work now, the house is empty, and the kids are back at school (and we don’t know whether we want to cry or jump for joy). Regardless of how you’re feeling, the days might start to feel a bit quiet now that you’re used to having your chatty little bubs around - we reckon the best way to fill that silence is with a podcast! If you’re unfamiliar with podcasts, they’re basically a pre-recorded, radio style talk show, and you can find one (or 100) on just about any topic you could possibly think of. This of course means that there are PLENTY of episodes dedicated to all things parents and bubs, so we’ve put together a list of some of our favourites so you can focus again (because we know you’re missing your kiddos!)

The Busy Mum Podcast

The Busy Mum Podcast is all about business babes - who also happen to be raising some adorable bubs. Each episode is around the 30 minute mark - meaning you can binge all day, or take one episode at a time. The show is run by a mumma by the name of Jackee, as she interviews other busy mums that work, have their own businesses, run foundations and are basically mum goals (they even have and episode featuring the CEO of Mynder, Jenny!) We reckon listening to the ladies sharing their business stories, life tips and advice is the perfect motivation at work.

The Guilty Feminist

This podcast is about all things women, hosted by one of the funniest ladies in comedy - Deborah Frances-White (seriously, check her out). The episodes run for about 40 minutes each, and are jam packed with hilarious anecdotes and witty commentary on life as a lady in the 21st century. There’s a different guest panel each week, and the topics range from body confidence, to political issues and all the way to creativity and jealousy. The Guilty Feminist has a little bit of everything - so we’re certain you’ll find an episode that interests you!

Not By Accident

We love this podcast because it tugs on the heart strings a little. Not By Accident is the story of Sophie Harper and her journey to becoming a single mother by choice. Harper decided after her 38th birthday that she wanted a child - and didn’t need anyone to do it with her. The podcast is a collection of recordings from the journey like the insemination day, coming out as a lesbian, and the first hours Harper ever spent with her daughter, Astrid. It’s interesting to hear a different parenting perspective to your own - there’s even an episode for the little one’s to listen to that features Astrid (if your kiddo can pay attention for that long). Each episode goes for around 30 minutes, and focuses on a different step in the journey.

Dads Don’t Know

The parenting podcast space (and lots of media spaces really) often focus on the voice of mums - and we adore hearing their stories, but we also love to hear things from dad’s perspective. Dads Don’t Know is about the parenting experience through the eyes of four different dads, as they navigate tolerating kids shows, education and raising toddlers. Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot of episodes available, but the ones that are available are very entertaining!

The Longest Shortest Time

This one is essential, it has to be when you check out it’s array of awards! (Yes, there are awards for podcasting). They cover pretty much every single possible parenting topic you could think of, including sex, loss, navigating the teenage years, giving birth and work. There’s almost 200 episodes of this podcast, so they’ve done the honour of categorising the episodes by what you’re in the mood for (a good cry, a laugh, a surprise). We’ll be amazed if you can’t find an episode to suit whatever you’re feeling.

Mums With Hustle

Calling all ‘bizmums’. Mums With Hustle is a podcast all about the boss babes of the business world, and how they navigate a successful work life with parenting. Host Tracy guides us through how she launched her own business (a 20,000 strong community of like minded mummas), and teaches us the tips and tricks of the trade, so if you’ve been itching to launch that new online brand - she’s your go-to (ex primary school) teacher! Tracy interviews others bizmums to make sure her listeners are getting comprehensive advice on how to start a business while breastfeeding.

Think you can occupy that quiet time in your life now? We hope so, at least until the kids get home. If you have any other podcast recommendations, let us know in the comments, and be sure to tell us on Instagram if you check out one of the ones we’ve mentioned! Happy listening x