Everything parents need to know for the long-weekend (you don't want to miss this)

Hey you! You look a little tired, slightly stressed- it’s been a rough month back at work after that long awaited Christmas break, we totally get it. BUT there is good news: THE LONG-WEEKEND IS HERE.

For most of us parents, there are only a handful of occasions in a year that we get to enjoy a three-day weekend and let’s be honest when have long-weekends ever NOT been about the kids. Well no more parents! We are coming into 2019 with a vengeance. Yep you heard it here first, this long-weekend is all about us- the mummy’s and daddy’s of Sydney in need of some serious TLC. We have put together a tried and tested list of the top must-do’s this long weekend so you can really kick-back, relax and enjoy some kid-free ‘ME’ time. Let’s finish off January with a BANG!

The million dollar massage (that is actually pretty affordable)

If you’re anything like me, a massage is something I often dream of doing but never actually do. Well recently I made those dreams come true and booked myself in for a ‘Deep Recovery’ massage at Endota Spa and all I can say is I felt deeply recovered. At a mere $120 for 60 minutes, I’m pleased to tell you that I think the return on investment was VERY HIGH. So mums, dads, if you’re feeling a little worse for wear… make the booking HERE.

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 1.46.35 pm.png

Destination-Degustation (for the parents in need of a seriously delicious inhalation of food)

Two words: CHIN-CHIN. For $69.50 you’ll be on your way to the best food coma you’ve ever been in. There is a good reason why people are wagging their chins (excuse the pun) off about this playful, fast-paced, mouth-water-inducing haven. Get all the parents together for this one as you can book a table for lunch and leave the kids at home whilst you go make another baby- a food baby. HERE.

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 1.42.23 pm.png

Yes-way Rosé (get the mama’s together for a drink or 3 at Sydney’s highly acclaimed Rosé roof-top bar)

The plan: Sydney mama’s unite. On a rooftop. In Mosman. Drinking Rosé. HOW COULD YOU NOT BE DOWN? The Fernery is a designated Rosé bar that pairs lush greenery with the most delectable Rosé’s on offer in Sydney. They’re seriously phenom. And best news yet- the wine menu isn’t confined to just the pink bubbly stuff there are plenty of other alcoholic alternatives.. yes Karen they do a Savvy B on tap. If you’re in, let’s go HERE.

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 1.38.33 pm.png

The better-LATE-than-never DATE (for the couple who haven’t had a romantic date since… well… actually good question)

“Cool babe, so I’ve got us down in the diary for 24th July 2037” - if this is you, we need to change that this weekend. Stop with the excuses and make the most of this balmy weather whilst you recline on a picnic rug cuddled up with your lover whilst watching a movie underneath the stars at Moonlight Cinema. Okay, I can’t guarantee the stars but I can guarantee a 10/10 evening to reignite that spark. Let’s do it team (it’s far cheaper than a divorce too so there’s that- BONUS!). Bookings are essential so head HERE.

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 1.35.16 pm.png

The ultimate Sydney Stay-cation (Look a trip to the south of France isn’t going to happen but this is a close second)

I’m not the only one who gives Ovolo Woolloomooloo a 5 star rating, in fact, another 1,890 visitors agree that this luxurious, artsy boutique hotel is the classiest bang for your buck in Sydney. “Exceptional”, “Picture-worthy” and “exquisite experience” are just a few of the key words that continually pop up as I scroll down the endless positive reviews. I’m sold. Are you? Check it out HERE.


If you’re wondering where your kids are placed in the mix of all this, let us help. Mums. Dads. It’s time to take some time for yourself.. and the best news? Our trustworthy, lovely, highly-experienced Mynders have you covered. If you haven’t already, download the app right now and get ready to NAIL this long-weekend.

Bella Rowley