Wanderlusters - We've Got You


Christmas, New Years, Australia Day and Valentine’s Day all came and went so quickly – and we know everyone was so busy planning for all of them! It wasn’t all that long ago that we were sipping wine on the couch and watching the kids play with their Christmas presents, but if you’re like us, you could still use some relaxation time. Whether it’s with your partner, or you need some well deserved ‘me-time’, we reckon a weekend getaway is the perfect way to cure to the daily grind. So, book yourself a Mynder, open up Airbnb, and start looking for the perfect destination to get some R and R.

Hunter Valley

Ahh, wine country. You knew this was coming, right? Hunter Valley is the perfect getaway, whether you’re flying solo, going on a trip with your pals, or heading out with your partner, you’ll be able to find something refreshing to do, and plenty of gorgeous spaces to chill out. We reckon the best way to explore is by bicycle (which you can hire from various places in the region), ride from cellar door, to spa, to art gallery, and anything you decide to pick up on your way? The locals are equipped to send it straight back to your accommodation for you (so you don’t have to balance your copious amounts of wine whilst you’re riding a bike half tipsy). Of course there’s other wine tours, but there’s a bunch more to do in the area, including hot air balloon rides if you’re in the mood for an adrenaline rush – either way, you’ll definitely enjoy the time you spend here!

Port Macquarie

Breezy beach towns = great getaway destination. The vibe in Port Macquarie is so chilled out, it’s impossible not to relax. No one’s rushing around or shoulder barging you to get their train on time (*cough cough* Sydney), so you’ll be sipping tea (or wine) with a gorgeous view in no time at all. Whilst summer is coming to a close, it doesn’t mean all the beach days are quite gone yet, but if you don’t fancy a swim, we highly suggest walking along the break wall, and taking in all of the incredible designs that locals and tourists alike have painted onto the rocks whilst the ocean moves a few metres below you – sounds peaceful, we know. One of the more unique things to experience in Port Macquarie is a camel safari on Lighthouse beach, trot along the beach camelback as you take in beautiful beach views. Make sure you have the camera ready for that one.


The Blue Mountains are one of the most beautiful areas in all of Australia, and Leura is the perfect tiny town for antiques, artisan chocolate, high end skin care, and adorable, family owned stores that will make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Spend a day traipsing up and down the main shopping strip, have lunch and a flower pot scone at Wayzgoose cafe, pick yourself up a sweet treat from Josophan’s, then pick out the perfect gift for bubs at the Leura toy shop. The town is so peaceful, so no matter what you decide to do, you’ll be in a haze of relaxation. The fresh air in the mountains is the most refreshing thing in the world – so make the most of it, and take yourself on one of the nearby mountain hikes, it’s never a far walk to some breathtaking views, and it’s the perfect way to clear your head.

Byron Bay

We get chills just thinking about the serenity of doing yoga on one of the beautiful beaches in the morning. Byron Bay is the OG beach town – think bohemian, laid back surfer vibes, mixed in with amazing food and a cheery community. There’s a focus on spirituality, so if you’ve been feeling a little lost, or overwhelmed lately, Byron is the perfect place to escape to. Indulge in reiki – spiritual healing, thought to rid you of any stresses and negativity (it’s worth a try!). If you’re in the mood for a little boogie by the beach, head to the Byron Bay Drum Circle gathering (held on the first Sunday of every month, definitely worth checking out the Facebook page). You can have a dance, meet some locals, and just enjoy yourself. Byron Bay will have you feeling more than refreshed when you return home, so what are you waiting for?


There’s just something about coastal towns that seem so much more relaxed than the centre of Sydney (must be something in the water), but you don’t have to travel far to find it! Coogee still has some of the city vibes if you can’t stand the quiet, but you’ll be able to relax with a gorgeous beach, and a delicious Pimms cocktail at the Coogee Bay Hotel. For all the ladies reading, you cannot miss out on the Women’s Baths, situated right next to Coogee Beach, you can enter a women’s only beach pool sanctuary, spread out across the rocks with your laptop, or a book, then go for a dip when you’re feeling a bit warm – free from any and all judgement (yes, it’s literal heaven).

Now that we’ve evoked the little wanderluster in you, it’s time to get booking! Step one, pick the perfect getaway location and book, step two, book your Mynder (you can click below to download the app). It’s really as easy as that. If a weekend just isn’t going to be enough (we feel you), Mynder now offers short-term and long-term nanny placements – so you can head off for as long as you like (or just until the kiddies start missing you too much). Happy travelling!