Love doesn't cost a thing, especially on Valentines Day!

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Valentines Day: the day of luuuurrrrveee. Some are a little pessimistic about Valentines day, but honestly I think it’s a little underrated. When you think about the fact that we celebrate a big fat old man in a red suit on Christmas, that we dress up as witches and ghouls on Halloween and even give money to our kids when their teeth fall out and say a fairy paid a visit… you can’t tell me that celebrating the most important thing in the world (love) is ‘kinda random’. Because heck… life would be a bit dire without a bit of L-O-V-E, wouldn’t it?

When the 14th of Feb hits, I dare you to let those walls down, be vulnerable and let that special person know (lover, friend or partner) that you LOVE them. And I’m here to help show you how…. have you guys heard the saying “the only thing that’s free in the world is love”, well I’m going to show you 5 things you can do to express your love that cost absolutely nothing. Let’s go!


1. If you’ve secretly always wanted to audition for X-factor, this one is for you Mariah Carey. It’s time to use all that pent up Whitney-Houston-energy and pour your heart into singing your fave romantic ballad. If you’re not one to serenade (firstly, grow a pair), but there’s always the option to send a voice recording to your person whilst they’re on their morning commute to really brighten up their day. Or if you’re actually tone deaf (must suck- can’t relate), sending the song to them via text will do (but you better make sure it’s brilliant). My personal fave is “You’ll be in My Heart” by Phil Collins, so go ahead, steal it- I won’t tell.

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2. Grab the secateurs (and maybe a balaclava) because it’s time to choose your least favourite neighbour and snippety snip some homegrown florals. If you’re a pro like me, you’ll know that roses are the go-to, however, hydrangeas seem to pop up freakin everywhere in Sydney and they’re a pretty good 8/10 so we can settle for those too. Sorry Susan, but you really should’ve thought twice that time you didn’t lend me your water blaster, sweetie.


3. It’s called a ‘digital TOUCH message’ for a reason. If you don’t know what that is, get an iPhone. If you have an iPhone and still don’t know what it is, tragic. Nevertheless I’ll help show you the way… when constructing an iMessage you’ll see an array of options and alongside the insert photo option, or insert gifs option you’ll see a little heart icon with fingers over it. (If you’re still confused click HERE). It’s time to get creative team, let the Picasso skills surface, and let your mind run wild. Hint: don’t keep it too clean. If you’re an android user, I’m so very sorry. I guess a sexy-text will suffice. Better make it the best one yet- unfortunately I can’t give examples, I’m keeping it PG.

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4. I think this one might be the best yet, and is my personal favourite… a love letter. Yep, I’m talking HANDWRITTEN and you can even pretend you’re a 1840’s Mr. Darcy in the Jane Eyre times. My only tip is to make sure that you can actually spell and that your grammar is at least 70% correct cause there is nothing less sexy than someone who doesn’t know the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’. Also, the difference between “let’s eat baby” and “let’s eat, baby” could be a real deal breaker unless you’re dating Ted Bundy. If that’s the case, I suggest you run.

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5. Physical touch is SO important and I urge all you loved up munchkins to do this (unless of course your Valentine is a friend, then this could get weird, then again it’s 2019). Step one, find a table. Step two, lay down a towel or yoga mat on that table. Step three, light a candle that smells like you’re trying too hard. Okay now you’re ready to get out the oil (if you’ve forgotten to get the overly expensive lavender-scented massage oil (you’ve already failed), but I can almost guarantee it’ll go un-noticed if you use kitchen olive oil- just stay away from the butter). If you’re well-practiced in the art of massage therapy that’s amazing (will leave my number at the bottom of this blog…) but if you’re a mere mortal like the rest of us I have this VIDEO to give you tips and tricks.

There you go my lovers, there are my top 5 tips to making this Valentines SUPER loved up and, best of all, FREE! You can thank me later.. oh and if you’re planning to show off and actually go on a date for Valentines (good on you, I’m jealous) anyway, point is we can help with the kids… click below!

Bella Rowley