The mynds behind mynder

Jenny Vanderhoek CEO of Mynder (left), Bella Rowley Head of Marketing at Mynder (right).

Jenny Vanderhoek CEO of Mynder (left), Bella Rowley Head of Marketing at Mynder (right).

Sick kids, babysitter cancellations, a last-minute work meeting – you name it, every parent has had to deal with it. Mynder is an app that allows parents to book babysitters almost instantly. But more importantly, parents can rest assured they’re getting the best of the best, because Mynder is the only app to thoroughly screen every single babysitter on their database. All Mynder babysitters are personally interviewed, reference checked and must have background checks.

A working mum herself, Mynder CEO Jenny Vanderhoek understands that parents need flexibility when it comes to childcare. She also knows the importance of premium, high-quality babysitters. That’s why she took over Mynder in 2018. 

Nick Harlow, a single dad in Sydney, is now one of the many avid users of the service and believes Mynder has changed his ability to manage the work-life juggle. Initially, Harlow had reservations about hiring a babysitter via an app for his then 9 month old baby. In spite of this, he got on the phone to Vanderhoek and discussed his needs, explaining he had just been called into work last-minute and needed someone qualified to jump in right away. Within minutes he was signed up to the app, made a booking and had a Mynder en route to his house. Afterwards, Harlow made a point of calling Vanderhoek again to highlight how surprised he was by the ease of the service and that he and his baby absolutely adored their Mynder. 


Bella Rowley, Head of Marketing at Mynder, understands the flip side of the coin. Having nannied extensively herself, she knows how important it is for the babysitters to be happy too. Her motto is “happy nanny, happy family”.  That’s another reason the Mynder team personally interview babysitters to initiate their relationship and welcome them to the Mynder tribe. There is even a facebook group Club Mynder dedicated to supporting our Mynders and creating a real community.  “We care for them and they care for you,” says Rowley.


“Although Mynder functions as an app, we know how important human to human connection is, especially where children are concerned,” says Vanderhoek. That’s why she and her team are always encouraging parents and babysitters alike to give them a call, text or email to run over any questions, concerns or even just have a catch up. “At the end of the day, our business is all about people and putting the human dimension back into childcare.” 


Mynder currently operates in Sydney but is growing by the second, with plans to soon expand to Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane. The ultimate goal is to be national by 2020. Vanderhoek is adamant about helping parents manage the work-life juggle and giving them back the freedom to work and play.

Bella Rowley