Top 5 Must Have Apps For Working Parents


Life is busy, between kids, work, and maybe squeezing in some well needed ‘me time’, it’s near impossible to do it without a helping hand. That’s where some very handy apps step in – being on your phone or tablet doesn’t have to be a bad thing, even for your kids! We’ve curated a list of apps that are designed to help make life easier for parents, from keeping track of medical records, to helping your kids learn healthy eating habits, there really is an app for everything! We’ve just made it a little easier to find the best ones.

ChoreMosnter / Mothership

These apps work in tandem with each other, meaning you have to download both – but we think it’s well worth the space on your device. ChoreMonster is designed for little ones to keep track of their chores, and get rewarded for the things that they do. They know what chores have to be done, because you can set them up via your Mothership app! Once your child has completed a chore, they will earn a certain amount of points that you’ve allocated for that task, and once they’ve completed what they’ve been asked to do, they get rewarded. This app is perfect for teaching your kids that chores get rewarded, all with the added bonus of it being at the touch of your finger.

Cozi Family Organiser

We know you’re busy, and keeping track of birthday parties, cake stalls, business meetings, the rare date night, what weekend your parents are coming into town and when on Earth you’re going to fit in getting your hair cut can be extremely tough. Unfortunately, the old paper calendar probably isn’t quite cutting it anymore – so our solution is Cozi! Cozi is an app that you can use with your family to keep track of everything that you’ve got planned. Everyone can log into the one account, and add events to the shared calendar, choose who is attending the event, and who to give notifications to – meaning the whole family can stay in the loop.

Happy Kids Timer

This one is specifically for your tots. If they have a tablet, this app is perfect for helping them stick to morning and evening routines, within a time frame that will have the household running smoothly. The app is for kids that are old enough to be doing things like brushing their teeth on their own, but there’s no reason why you can’t walk them through it when they’re younger to build a healthy routine that they can stick to! The app simply gives your child a task – then gives them a time limit to complete it (and a minimum time for things like brushing your teeth). Your child will collect ‘stars’ for completing things on time, and will eventually be rewarded after completing things on time on multiple occasions. This app is great for teaching your child healthy living habits!

Lala Lunchbox

Lala Lunchbox is the perfect app to help get your child involved in making choices for themselves. The app lets your bubs choose what they’d like for lunch – they have to choose at least one fruit, one veggie, one source of protein and a snack, and from there, they can add more items from each category. Letting your kids help choose their lunch will mean less half rotten bananas and room temperature yoghurt coming home in their lunch boxes, and your child will learn important healthy eating habits in the process – it’s a win-win!

So, if you’re looking for a little bit of help in the form of a handy app, these are our top picks! Of course, there is Mynder (that’s us!). We’re here for you whenever you need to make last minute childcare arrangements, book a nanny, or just need a helping hand. You can check out more about what our app does here.