Babysitting Crash Course 101

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Would you agree that keeping mischievous kids away from things that they should not be touching, tasting and smelling an absolute sport? How many times have you told them to do something, and they do the exact opposite? Nightmarish. It has become a difficult duty for sitters to take precautions to keep these little (cute) gremlins in a safe environment. With that said, we’ve highlighted some top tips for kids to remain in one piece for when their parents are back!

Turning a Blind Eye Makes the Kids Go Bye

Kids love to wander off alone. Within a split second of having your eye off of them… BAM they’ve tripped over the Lego blocks and are hysterically crying. Even if the kids are in another room, you need to check up on them every 5 minutes. A good indicator of when hell is about to break loose, are those periods of dead silence or hearing high-pitched screeches. This does not mean 24/7 surveillance is needed, but in wide-open space or in public spaces – you have to be like a hawk. Noting this, checking their surroundings of new areas for hazards like sharp objects and items that can be easily choked on will make them less prone to serious injuries. During playtime, make sure they are hydrated, fed and warm enough – you do not want to have a collapsed child in your arms.

 When you are taking them to public areas; kids can easily get lost especially at playgrounds. It is important to teach kids to play with age appropriate equipment in a safe way as well as being wary of other kids to prevent injuries. Even if it is not a sunny day, putting on sunscreen is a must - believe me, there’s no such thing as a healthy tan on a kiddo. 

A Lesson on Mealtime & Hygiene Safety

Hygiene is a must, like learning your ABC’s, always Be Clean. Before preparing lunches for the kids, wash your hands with soap – kids look up to adults and will follow your every move. So if you’re a sloppy joe, they will be one too. You know these munchkins like being the center of attention so cooking for them may be a mission. However, involving them in safe activities in the kitchen will make it a lot easier. Before making a mess in the kitchen, remove all sharp objects and utensils out of the child’s reach, have all cabinets closed, know what they are allergic to and ensure they steer clear from hot surfaces. If caring for young children, avoid giving them foods that they can easily choke on such as lollies, nuts, and even grapes (make sure you cut these ones in half for toddlers). Also, if the baby or child still uses a bottle make sure you check the temperature to avoid burns. Lastly, kids need to be supervised when eating and you should use this as an opportunity to interact and maybe even teach some table manners!

An Emergency Survival Kit

In case of any emergency, you must be prepared so have a list of emergency contact details!

Here’s a list of what should be included:

Immediate Family Members:

·       Both parents’ mobile and work numbers. Some parents may not have access to their mobile phones during work hours, so having their work number is a backup resource. 

·       A trusted relative who can assist when the parents are unable to be contacted.

E-mail Address

Oh no! Sometimes parents cannot be reached in the case of an emergency. To be sure to update the parents, sending them emails is a fast and effective way to reach the parent. This is also a good source of communication between the sitter and parents if unexpected changes occurs. 

Family Doctor

You should always have the location and contact details of the child’s GP (and medicare deets!). This information should be visible inside of the home.

Child’s information

·       Full name

·       Date of birth

·       Weight

Medical conditions/Allergies: This is one of the questions that you will be asked by a doctor or a nurse so make sure that you have this noted down!

Emergencies can be stressful times but it’s okay guys, as long as you have this list on you at all times, you will know how to handle these situations and be the all encompassing perfect babysitter!

Bella Rowley