How to avoid the "I'm bored" moments...


Having to think of new ways to entertain those little pumpkins is a struggle. Believe me, my kiddo was not having it when we baked some goodies - how do these kids not love some FRESHLY BAKED CUPCAKES (l am shocked and a bit hurt)?! Honestly, it is a hit or miss with these ones. What if I told you that we’ve made your life a little easier? We’ve made you a list of fun and exciting activities you could do with the kids! These activities will definitely bring out that charming smile you’ve long awaited. 

Splatter Painting

Who doesn’t love painting? If you love painting, then you’ll know how fun this will be with the kids! Put on your apron and gather your paint, brushes, canvas/poster board…. and let’s get started!

Firstly, set up the canvas or poster board outside on the ground and have your cup full of paint in one hand, and the paintbrush in the other. 

Now you can begin to splatter your paint! Dip your brush into the paint and flick away! 

Your child could be the next Picasso and you could be one of the founders of a creative mastermind! Guess what? You are also included in this activity as well, yes YOU! It is finally your time to outshine these cheeky buggers! 

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

The kids are bored of watching Peppa Pig and you’re sick of the same old tune playing over and over again... but an indoor scavenger hunt might do the trick! 

First of all, let’s create some clues and place them so that one clue leads to another. Put some scrumptious sweets at each clue then one giant treat at the final destination. If there are more than one child, have them work as a team. Teamwork makes the dream work! Also, before you give the first clue to them, ensure that you set up some ground rules such as no running, and have the kids take turns reading the clues. 

Here are some clues you could use in this classic game of treasure hunt:

1.    I make your food warm. I spin it round and round, I go beep beep beep when it’s ready. 

2.    I have four legs, many people eat their food on here.

3.    I am filled of dirty clothes. And, boy, do I smell bad.

4.    I am soft and comfy. People love to lay their heads on it to go to sleep.

5.    I store all your food and keep it cold. I am cold but not freezing cold.

6.    I have all your favourite shows. The kids love watch and stare at it everyday.

7.    I clean dirty hands. But I am also the perfect place to brush your teeth.

8.    I keep wet hands dry and clean. The more I am used, the more wet I become.

Answers: 1. Microwave 2. Table 3. Laundry Basket 4. Pillow 5. Refrigerator 6. Television 7. Sink 8. Towel

To make it more challenging, set up a timer of half an hour. Happy Hunting! 

Hide N Seek

Now ‘Tag’ is more of an outdoor activity as you don’t want the kids to be knocking over some furniture! That’s why hide and seek is good for both indoor and outdoor. There’s just a thrill to it about not getting caught…

However, the goal of the game won’t be fun anymore if the kids remember every hiding spot. So let’s add a little twist- whilst one person counts, the others go to hide and give them a mission of returning back to base (where the person counted from). Once the seeker spots you returning back to base, you’re out. 

Also, another idea is to get creative and dress the kids up in khaki-military uniform. The aim of the game is to stay as silent as possible. Remember, the lack of movement in a least likely spot to be found gives you an advantage! Split up and spread yourselves around so that your ‘enemy’ can’t spot you. The game can be pretty intense, so you may want to crawl or stay low!

This list of activities are just a little addition to an otherwise potential tedious routine. It will keep the kiddies occupied and filled of giggles throughout the whole day! If you have any other suggestions, comment them below- we would love to hear them!

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