Mynder Recommends: Mummy Must-haves 2019 EDIT

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Motherhood can sometimes feel challenging and stressful. Fortunately, there are products out there that can come in handy whilst having kids. We’re talking about useful products that aim to ease the stress, make motherhood easier and make you feel better! Here is a list of what Mynder has gathered from a collection of products that are safe for use during and after pregnancy, and whilst breastfeeding. 

  1. Beaba BabyMilk Bottle Warmer, $89.95

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Have you ever seen a baby bottle steriliser and warmer in one, convenient system? This ultra-quick steam heating system by Beaba ensures your milk is in the right temperature in under two minutes! It has a wide range of bottles it is compatible with from silicone, glass and plastic bottles or even bottle parts. If this sounds like the perfect baby bottle for you, this bottle warmer may be what you need!

2. The BabyBjorn Baby Carrier, $209.99

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Who would love to walk around being hands free whilst their toddler is snuggled up? A baby carrier, also known as a ‘baby sling’, is used to support and hold the baby from their carer’s body. So why put them into your pouch? Well the BabyBjorn baby carrier has many benefits. One being that the carer can go on with their daily routines whilst bonding and sharing an emotional connection with the baby. Another good thing about this is that it helps with early language development! As both bodies are closely together, babies get the front view of how you communicate learn from watching. Also, it comes in cute colours #winning.

3. SRC Recovery Shorts, $174.99

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Before you get weird and ask if I’m advocate for Bridget Jones’ granny panties… these really are a must! Especially for mothers post-delivery, this helps them to move around more freely, supports your back and gets you back into shape in no time! These are strong compression shorts by SRC that provide comfort so they won’t feel too tight. I also saw Amy Schumer in these recently so if they’re good enough for her… they’re good enough for me.

4) Bub Smart Band, $98

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This smart band is designed specifically for mothers during pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy. This device will be helpful for mothers as it works as a digital log so that they can log in anything from foetal movements, fitness, reminders, appointments… you name it! The smart band will also be connected to your phone via an app which makes it super easy to store important information.

5. Huggies Ultra Dry Nappies, $33

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Why choose these nappies? Specifically designed for either a girl or boy, these nappies feature tailor absorbency, targeting the areas needed for each gender. These nappies will provide your baby with extra comfort through the ‘dry touch’ layer that has softness and absorbs quickly. You won’t need to worry about leaks and rashes, the softness of the nappy will avoid that from happening! When it comes to nappies, Mynder thinks its worth spending a little more on quality.

6. Raybaby Monitor, $269 

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For all our tech-savvy queens out there, this one’s for you! It is a Raybaby monitor that tracks your baby’s every move and also breathing! In this day and age, us busy mums are on the go and have a bucket list of things to do each day. This badass monitor will provide you with updates on your very own phone with still images of key moments - so you can be on the go without any worries whatsoever!

7. Beanko Mobile changing station, $144.99 

It’s been said that changing your little one’s diaper never gets easier, but what if I told you it can?! The Beanko Mobile changing station makes cleaning up much more quicker and spotless. Say goodbye to the messy diaper changes and hello to pockets and a foldable wedge to help keep your baby’s back straight. Mhmm, you heard it first, grab your convenient changing station here before it runs out!

CoziGo, $99.95

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We know flying with these infant babies can be difficult so we wanted to let you in on a little secret. It is an airplane bassinet cover that will leave your tiny muffin sleeping peacefully without a shed of light entering (how amazing does that sound?!). The CoziGo will make your parenting journey a breeze!

So there you have it, the Mynder edit for the mummy must-haves for 2019. These items are the hottest in the market right now and will change the way you parent forever! Do not be one of the only mummies out there without at least one of these life changing items, you’ll regret it. You’re just a couple of products away from making your life easier and even your little one will notice a difference!


Mynder x

Bella Rowley