The Real Parents of Mynder: The Not-So 9 to 5 Parent


The working parent can feel a little boxed in sometimes, with the assumption following- the typical work day begins at 9am and finishes at 5pm for all parents. Maybe for some, but we certainly know it’s not the case for all!

Today I’m here to talk to you about a working parent we helped a few months ago - *Zara. A loving mama to two beautiful girls and successful CEO of her own business with obligations across the board. With Zara needing to travel internationally for weeks at a time consistently, she struggled with the juggle of family and work (like a lot of us do!) and found that finding someone to cater to her unique needs was an absolute struggle.

Prior to getting in touch with us, Zara had gone through dozens of Au Pairs. Some were great, some were not but more importantly- the girls were constantly having to say goodbye to people who they’d just built rapport with. The parenting guilt kicked in for Zara and she was feeling at her wits end. Zara was needing someone to not only help with the kids, but to essentially fill in for her when she was away both on an emotional level, and on a keep sh*t together at home sort of level.

When Zara came to us, she discussed all of her unique requirements, her very NON 9-5 schedule and a need for consistency for her and her girls. She was hesitant and a little doubtful that we’d be able to find a match.

It took 60 candidates, 5 short-listed candidates and sh*t loads of coffee but within 3 weeks we had found our golden girl: Camilla. She was looking for a role that provided her with the flexibility so she could study, a home in Sydney CBD, and with a love for kids, she wanted a consistent role for the next couple years. SNAP.

We recently followed up with Zara and Camilla after a couple of months and we are happy to say the lid still fits the pot! We truly believe that finding a nanny is not dissimilar to finding a partner... and it’s about understanding that every scenario is different- and that’s a good thing!

At Mynder, our biggest philosophy is that there is a lid for every pot when it comes to placing a nanny in a family. It really is about match-making and no matter how absurd you believe your requirements to be, there is someone who is going to fit the bill.

We look forward to sharing some more real parent of Mynder stories with you!

*Names were changed due to anonymity

Bella Rowley