What Dad Actually Wants For Father's Day


Father’s Day is very fast approaching (another holiday? really?) – and this year, we’re saying NO to the box of cable ties from the school Father’s Day store, we’re kissing goodbye the classic Darrell Lea gift bag, and we’re breaking up with car wash supplies. If your kids are still little, they probably aren’t in a position to think of, and purchase a gift for their dad on Father’s Day, so it often falls in your hands, and it’s tempting to just pick up something purpose built for a stock standard ‘dad’ at the shops, but fear not! We’ve got the secrets – we know what dads actually want, and we’re going to share it with you.

The Professional Dad

If the Father in your life (whether that’s your kiddos dad, or your own dad) is a suit and tie kinda guy, he’ll probably appreciate something practical that will fit into his day to day working life. We’ve got a few ideas for this dad! First up; socks. Yes, I’m suggesting socks for a gift, but you have to understand that I mean cool socks (yes, they exist). They’ll make him feel like a hip, trendy businessman, and add something interesting to his everyday business attire. There’s loads out there – but we reckon these one’s from Happy Socks will put the pep in his step. The other gift idea is a well made, personalised wallet/phone case. Something a little bit flashy that will get some looks when he pulls it out in a business meeting – The Daily Edited specialises in exactly this. There’s a whole range of leather goods that can be personalised for free, so have a shop around, but we’re big fans of the card holders.

The Nerdy Dad

So whilst he’s playing Xbox, you’ll have plenty of time to pop down to the shops with the kiddos to pick up the perfect gift for Father’s Day. Collectibles make gifts extremely easy for a long time – so if he already has a collection of something, it’s a safe bet to add to it. If you’re not so lucky, why not help him start a collection? If the dad you’re buying for is into movies or games, Pop! Vinyl’s are adorable figurines that he can collect, and the kids will appreciate them too. There’s one for every show or movie you could possibly think of – so something dad likes will definitely exist. You can get these from a bunch of places, including game stores like EB and CEX, and pop culture stores like ZiNG – they have a pretty huge range. If collectibles aren’t their thing though, games might be. It can be near impossible to decipher what games the dad in your life has, which ones he’s played and what kind of games he even liked – so we suggest taking it old school. Monopoly! Yes, the board game, but make it cooler. There’s so many special edition boards you can get, and it’s fun for the whole family. We’re big fans of the Marvel Avengers edition that they sell at Typo (there’s a few other quirky editions available too).

The Foodie Dad

This section covers both the superstar chef dads, and the dads that just love to eat. Our first suggestion might be a little weird – and could definitely be used in a lot of other contexts, but a Google Home is actually an excellent tool to have on hand in the kitchen. First of all, perfect tunes for when he’s cooking up a storm, but more importantly, the Google Home will easily tell him measurement conversions, it can help him read out recipe steps and ingredient amounts. These are available at pretty much every electronic store – but if you’re looking for something smaller, Kmart does the Google Home Mini which will do the same thing! If the dad you’re buying for is less of a master in the kitchen, and more of a foodie, there’s so many options. Pinterest is perfect for inspo, but we reckon putting together a gift basket full of all of his favourite snacks is a pretty good pressie (and one step above the Darrell Lea gift pack we mentioned earlier). Take the kids with you and let them choose what should go in the basket. This gift is a little more personal than some of the other’s we’ve mentioned, so we love this one for the sentimental dads out there!

Feeling slightly more prepared for Father’s Day now? Of course, if your little kiddos have set their mind on getting dad that very snazzy bucket of car wash supplies – let them. Anything that comes from their hearts will be much appreciated, but if they’re looking to you for guidance, we hope some of our suggestions have helped!