Celebrating Father's Day – 3 Mum's Share Their Plans


It’s that time of year again! Father’s Day creeps up on me every year, but if you’re a little more organised, you’ve probably spent some time over the last few weeks stressing about presents and plans for the big day. There’s so many ways to celebrate the day, simply because no two dads are the same – so, we reached out to some awesome Aussie families and asked them about how they spend Father’s Day, traditions, plans, pressies, and all the in between. So, without further ado, here are some of the ways that us Aussies love to spend the day celebrating dads!

I asked each mum a few questions – what they’re planning on doing on the day, how they helped their kids choose pressies, if they have any traditions forming, or just to share some fond memories they have. These were their responses!

Kirsty – @the.caruso.clan

This year for Father’s Day, I left it late again! So we still need to pick up something for dad, maybe a soccer Guernsey or some shoes… his two favourite things. 

On Sunday, the girls and I will wake up, and I’ll help Aleaha make him some breakfast, because, well hey, that’s what us mums do for Father’s Day right? 

We haven’t ever really had a traditional thing in our family. It’s just another day we like to show how much we appreciate the girls dad. 

Khara – @kharamwilliams

The boys have made beautiful cards at school and daycare that include why they love their dad – Jed (nearly 5), and Tom (2) love to play fight on the bed with Scott (dad) so in the card, when they were asked what they love most about their dad, this was of course the first thing written. So, I’m positive that they will be play fighting first thing on Sunday morning.

We are making Father’s Day cookies on Saturday together whilst Scott is out, and we are off to Lush for the boys to pick a bath bomb each for Scott to relax with. They’ll pick anything they love (probably something blue). I also purchased an Oroton toiletry bag.

As for the day itself – we will make Scott breakfast, the boys will crack the eggs. We’ll all go for a walk along the Swan River, go to the park, and then for dinner, we’ll make him his favourite meal – best cut steak with homemade sweet potato chips and greens. 

 Our big boy Jed and Scott have a really unique relationship as Scott was a stay at home dad for 18 months with him. Scott’s a qualified teacher, and takes his role as a father very seriously, being a privilege as we only have boys. So, fond memories are the time that he was home with him reading, and being the boys teacher.

Shereen – @sydneyhills_mummyblogger

So, having 3 young children, (1, 3 and 5), I always buy the card for Father’s Day for them. My eldest writes in it, and then my 3 year old does a little drawing inside. I always get hubby a card from myself, writing about how he’s a great father to our 3 kids, and how they are lucky to grow up having him as their dad. 

Normally, the kids each give hubby a small gift like a framed photo of him with the kids, or clothing, or just something we know he’s been eyeing off. 

We’ll then go out for breakfast, and spend the day out followed by a late lunch/early dinner.

I think it’s great to celebrate our dads on Father’s Day as much as we do mums on Mother’s Day. It’s a great day for children to bond with their dad, as most of the time dad are off working and only get to see the kids for a little while before bedtime. 

Even though dads say they don’t care about Father’s Day, I’m sure that deep down, they love all the attention they get from family. 

My dad left when I was young, so we didn’t get to see him or get to really celebrate Father’s Day – so for me, it’s even more important for my kids to celebrate with their dad, as I know what I was missing out on and I want my children to always remember these special moments together. 

So, there you have it! 3 different ways that a few families will be spending their Father’s Day this year. A massive thank you to Kirsty, Khara and Shereen for sharing their plans with us – be sure to follow their Instagram pages for some gorgeous mummy content. We hope everyone has an excellent Father’s Day this weekend – and that any dads reading get absolutely spoiled! 

Love from Mynder x

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