Don’t Skip Out On Screening Your Sitter


Here at Mynder, we care about childcare. It’s what we’re all about. We offer you fully screened, trustworthy, reliable childcare professionals for when you’re in a pinch – but hiring someone more permanent is a great way to cover more of your bases in day to day life. Having a babysitter that your family loves and trusts doesn’t happen without a little bit of research – and it’s important that you screen your candidates. Leaving your child with someone throughout their formative young years is an important decision to make, so your family needs to put in work to find someone that is perfect for them, and more specifically, perfect for your children. 

What Do You Need?

First things first – what does your family need from their babysitter? It can be super hard to find the time to put the work into the hiring process – but it’s totally worth it. So many factors affect the decision you make about your babysitter. Your family needs to decide what they need – once a week care, do you need the sitter to pick your kids up from daycare, late evenings? All of these things needs to be considered. Of course, you’ll need a budget. What can your family offer per hour? What can you offer the babysitter? This all happens before you even start talking to anyone! (We know, it sounds like a lot). Once you’ve decided what your family needs, it’s time to start reaching out – this is another long process, but something that’s definitely worth the long haul. 

Reference & Background Checks

This is one of the most important parts of finding a babysitter – Mynder has an extensive screening process for all of our carers, so we put in the work for you – but other places work more as introductory platforms, meaning that they’re primarily for networking, and the site doesn’t do any screening or interviews (they aren’t required to!) So, once you’re in touch with someone that sounds like they could be a fit for your family – it’s time to do you research! Trust is an essential part of the relationship between a family and their babysitter, and leaving your little ones with someone can be scary even when you know someone, so don’t be afraid of digging as deep as you need to in order to feel at peace. Reference checks are easily performed by calling the people on the candidates resume (remember to ask things like “were they ever late” or anything that you absolutely want to avoid) and background checks, whilst harder to perform, ensures that your candidate is being completely transparent. 

Interviewing Your Candidate

So, you’ve checked up on your candidates background, and all is going great – it’s time to meet them in person. This session should revolve around getting to know your candidate on a more personal level – ask about their approach to childcare, how they rate their time management skills, what their interests are, asking about their previous experience in childcare, and finally reaffirming that they’re on board with what your family needs. Take the time to tell them a little bit about your little munchkin too. If you’d like a more comprehensive outline of what kind of questions you should be asking your potential babysitters – check out our list here.

Introducing Your Babysitter

When everything is in place, and you think you’ve found someone that will easily slide right into your family dynamic – it’s time to put them into practice! Introducing the babysitter to your kiddos can be extremely daunting for everyone involved, so try and have a relaxed meeting, and just watch how the sitter interacts with your bubs, and ask them how they felt about the meeting!

Once you’ve found a confident, reliable candidate that also gets along with your little ones – you’ve got the perfect foundation to create a bond with your babysitter that will make them feel like a part of the family – which is a wonderful thing. Let us know in the comments what you appreciate most about your nanny if you already have the perfect one!

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