Spring Cleaning for the Soul


Spring has officially sprung – the beautiful weather this week has made the season’s start so much sweeter, but as parents, we’re sure this isn’t the first article you’ve seen floating around about spring cleaning. Who decided that the start of such a beautiful time of year should be spent mopping, sweeping, dusting and dumping all of the things you’ve collected over the last year? We’re all for keeping a tidy ship when you can – but unless you absolutely love cleaning (we know there’s a few of you out there, we envy you), ditch the dustpan and broom and spend the time ‘spring cleaning’ your mind, body and soul instead! It’s much more rewarding, and we promise there will still be time to clean out your sock drawer, and finally scrub the pencil off of the living room wall if that’s what your heart so desires.

Cleansing the Mind

Brushing off the winter blues tends to be pretty easy once the sun is out – but it’s important to evaluate how you’re feeling at the end of a long winter. I cannot recommend journaling enough! It’s the perfect way to get all of the thoughts, good or bad, out of your head and onto the page. It’s cathartic and self reflection is an excellent practice to get into. Of course, this could just be a one time thing, so grab a piece of paper, or your laptop, or just the note app on your phone and write as little or as much as you like about your favourite parts of winter, what you did, how you felt, and if you find you enjoy, maybe think about keeping a journal around the house so you can do it whenever your head feels a bit heavy. Once you’ve cleared your head, it’s a good idea to refocus – New Year's resolutions are well past their expiry date, and they either stuck or they didn’t, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make new goals for the end of the year. A new season can be a fresh start too! So use the same journal, or grab a planner, and write down some goals, or things you’d like to do before the year is out. 

Cleansing the Body

The end of winter means it might be time to kick our bodies out of cold weather mode – that means that there might be more hair around than we’d like, and all of the comfort food may have had an impact, so there’s a few things we can do for our bodies to put the spring back in our step. First things first, everyone could use a spa day, there doesn’t need to be a reason, but we suggest making a little bit of time for yourself, and doing the things that make you feel most confident in your body. That could be a hair trim, shaving, a skin care routine, or just a slightly longer than usual shower, with no interruptions from the kids (is that possible?). There’s a bunch of ways to cleanse your body, but one of the best is exercise, and the good news is that the weather is gorgeous at this time of year, so it actually makes it the perfect time to implement some new workout habits. This could be a weekly walk, some yoga, a game of tennis, or anything you like. Anything that gets some extra Vitamin D into your skin is great, so just get outside! 

Cleansing the soul

Cleansing the ‘soul’ is a bit of a tricky one – it pretty much encompasses mind, body, and everything in between. Our advice here is to just evaluate what you need to do to feel at peace for the season – and yes, that could mean actually doing some traditional spring cleaning. So, like in pretty much every other situation – I suggest writing a to-do list. A list of things that you know will make you feel good, productive, and ready to embrace Spring and the last few months of 2019. 

Happy Spring everyone! Oh, and remember, if you need that little bit of extra ‘me-time’, Mynder are here to help!

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