The Mumpreneur Project: Emma Kruger


Meet this weeks ‘boss babe’: Emma Kruger...


This beauty is a mum of two, a lover of GIFs, wine and unopposed to eggs on toast for dinner every once in awhile (I feel you).

Your friends refer to you as:

Ha ha very original... Em

Job title and where you work:

Founder and Director - Riff Raff & Co Sleep Toys

Describe yourself in three words:

  1. Holiday obsessor

  2. GIF loving

  3. Master procrastinator


Can you tell us about your career journey so far?

I have had a couple of different ‘careers’ over my time before Riff Raff but mainly in HR based roles in the health sector. I enjoyed my roles and met so many wonderful people but I always wanted to have my own business, even from a young age.

Becoming a mum and going on maternity leave provided the space and inspiration I needed to take the leap. I don’t think of what I am doing now as a career - it has become a way of life.

What is your favourite thing about being a mama?

My favorite thing about becoming a mum is watchng them grow into real little people.  It was a surprise to me how early their strong little characters show and watching them grow and learn has been one of the best things.

How has being a mama changed your perspective on life?

Personally becoming a mum has been the greatest thing I ave ever done for my personal development.  Through them I have become a more patient (beyond what I thought was possible), resilient and thoughtful person.   

In your opinion, do you believe you can really “have it all” when it comes to being a mum and having a career?

I think it is very hard for mums to ‘have it all’. Trying to ‘have it all’, being with the kids as much as I would like, and having enough time to grow my business, has been and remains one of my greatest challenges.  Finding that balance between the two is not easy but it is possible. For me it has been about exploring and defining what is ‘enough’ in each role as mother and business owner and making a conscious effort each day to be the best I can at both.  

How do you stay sane being a working mama?

For me it has been about trying to identify the ow and the high activities both at home with the kids and in the business. I can then outsource and or redefine the low value activities where I can.  

For example, neither my husband nor I really appreciate extravagant meals at home, so to simplify, we have gone to a meal delivery service for 3 night and eat very simply for any others (eggs on toast!).  No decision fatigue, no daily shops, less cleaning up, more time to be with the kids in the evening.

I also make the most of cleaning time - pop on a work-related podcast and it feels like killing two birds with one stone!

Now that I have been both a business owner and a mother for several years, I think one of the most important things I have done personally is the commitment to my husband of a ‘date night’ each and every week.  It is so easy to become ships in the night in a busy household and getting a regular babysitter and making the effort to connect has been so important to our marriage and family.

What would your advice be to women who are mothers who are preparing to return to work or start a business of their own?

Brace yourself!  When it comes to starting a business, if you have the ‘burn’ to create, you will find yourself being torn in two directions.  One part does not want to release any of the child rearing responsibility but you have a yearning to fulfil your purpose outside of the house.  I think with good support and preparation it is possible to have a good balance.

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