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Digital Detoxing for You and Your Family

We’re all a little guilty of using our phones, laptops, iPad’s, tablets, smart watches or whatever other gadgets we have to run our lives. We totally understand the convenience! (We are an app after all). Don’t get us wrong, we love the tech we get the chance to interact with, and the iPad is kind of amazing for amusing the kiddos, but sometimes it’s good to have a little break.

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Beating The Winter Blues

Winter seems to be hitting Sydney extra hard this year, right? It’s not just us? Well, if you agree, then I’m sure we can also agree on the fact that it’s HARD to find the motivation to get up in the morning and head out into the cold, and into an office full of sniffling noses. For all the working parents out there, we know your day normally starts extra early and involves cooking the kids breakfast too – so here are some of the busy parent approved tips to beat the winter blues. 

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Stop Stressing About Stressing!

No matter what your parenting style is, how old your bub is, or what your daily routine tends to look like, I think we can ALL agree that being a parent (a working one at that!), is STRESSFUL. Trying to navigate laundry, breakfast, morning drop off, the 9am meeting, who’s picking up the kids, dinner, and then trying to fit in some ‘me’ time is exhausting (I’m tired just writing that out). However, being stressed is detrimental to the fabric of your family/work life balance, and we know everyone wants to be the best version of themselves possible. So, the answer to stress? Self care! ‘What’s that?’ you may say – self care is taking actions to preserve or improve your health, (physical, mental and emotional that is). Again, we can hear you already – “I don’t have time for that”. Think again! We’ve come up with a few little practices you can easily integrate into your daily/weekly routines, to give you a little more pep in your step.

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