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The Amazing Culture of Motherhood

With Mother’s Day soon approaching, we here at Mynder got to thinking about who we’d all be celebrating this year – of course our own mothers, but we also know a thousand other women who are amazing mum’s. It made us realise that there’s so many incredible people that we’d love to celebrate this year, and so many people that we haven’t gotten the chance to learn about. So, we decided to share with you some of the motherly traditions that women partake in across the world!

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Small Ways to Build Big Confidence

Small Ways to Build Big Confidence: Every parent wants their child to feel confident and feel they can accomplish anything (I mean who wouldn’t want that??). The question remains, how do we do that? Children develop self-confidence not because of the praise received from others but because of their own accomplishments and achievements. Kids that are confident are naturally able to face new challenges without fear and believe in themselves. While every child is different, there are definitely a few things we can do as parents to build their confidence!

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Costume Ideas for You & Your Little Monster

Costume Ideas for You & Your Little Monster: EEEEK. Excited is an understatement. Halloween is here friends, and we are officially in the final days of seeking out this years Halloween costumes (why do I always leave it till last minute?!). Something funny, or something cute? Base it off a trendy tv show, or off your favorite movie? No matter what direction you want to go for, these family costumes are bound to spark some inspiration! Times ticking… let’s get spooky!

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