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A virtual babysitting service? Absolutely not – the only Mary Poppins we believe in is the human variety! That's why every single carer meets 3 of us before they can join the team. Learn more about our service, and how you can win a dinner for 2 worth $250 plus 3 hour's babysitting from a real person, here.

Mobile Mary Poppins


1 April 2017

Parents rejoice – the virtual babysitter you’ve been waiting for has landed on Planet Parent. After years of research and development, Sydney-based child-minding agency Mynder has released its world-first wearable device that provides parents with reliable virtual babysitting. Allow us to introduce you to Mobile Mary Poppins (MMP).

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How does MMP work? Let us walk you through the three-step process.

1. Contact Mynder to book in a home visit from one of our expert MMP technicians.

2. The technician talks you through the lightweight Mobile Mary Poppins wearable device that’s suitable for children 5-12 years of age.

3. The technician installs discreet cameras and microphones throughout your home and garden, which provide constant audio and visual footage of your children to the Mobile Mary Poppins App installed on your smartphone.

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Boom. Only thing left to do is book your night out.

Cutting-edge technology has been seamlessly integrated into the Mobile Mary Poppins platform so she can intuitively interact with your child when instructions are required, and she can read out your text messages to your children through the installed microphones. Mobile Mary Poppins can also facilitate parents speaking with children via the app, and when parents are unavailable, parents can nominate another adult to monitor the children through the app. The wearable device monitors the precise position of your child in the home.

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How much? This superior babysitting service has a one-off fee for the Mobile Mary Poppins wearable device, camera, microphones and installation of $1,999. You could double (or triple) up with another family to split the cost and bring all the children to the one home under the watchful gaze of Mobile Mary Poppins. Additional wearable devices cost $100 each.

Mynder Founder Trudy Crawford is beyond excited about this extension of the business: “Given the rapid advancement of technology over the years, broadening the Mynder service to a virtual solution seems like a natural progression for the business,” says Trudy. “I’m excited to bring Mobile Mary Poppins to the parents of Australia who are in desperate need of a night out.”

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What about kids under the age of 5? Mynder is working with a team of developers in Silicon Valley to produce the Mary Poppins Robot. Watch this space.

Head to www.mynder.com.au/virtual-babysitting-service to discover more about this unbelievable product.

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