Mynder Toolkit

Mynder Information Form

This form (Word Doc / PDF) captures all of the information you will need to know about each Family.  Please encourage Families to complete this before the booking (discuss it on your confirmation phone call).  It contains a Medical Information form which MUST be completed by the Family if they ask you to administer medicines.  This is to protect you and the child against errors.

Mynder Standards

We want to make sure that every Family receives the same high level of service regardless of which Mynder attends the booking, so we’ve created these Mynder Standards to help ensure consistency across the team.

Remember – Mynders who go out of their way to impress Families are more likely to receive positive feedback, receive higher ratings and be added to Wish Lists, all of which improve your chances of receiving future bookings!

As always, feel free to suggest additional ideas!

Mynder Standards