Family Preparation Summary

Having a babysitter, particularly for the first time, can be a stressful time for both you and your child.  Our Mynders have extensive experience in dealing with “first-timers” or children who are not comfortable away from their parents and they will quickly establish an effective rapport with you and your child, however there are some things you can do to help make it an easier experience.


  • Make your first booking a short one, and go somewhere local.  The first time is the hardest but it does get easier!
  • Show your child the video of their babysitter before the booking so they know who to expect on the day.
  • Talk positively to your child about the babysitter and how much fun they’ll have together, or if a night time booking (when you want them to sleep not have fun!) how lovely the babysitter is.  Talk about the babysitter by name.
  • Start talking to your child about the babysitter as soon as you make a booking so they are not surprised on the day.
  • Plan some activities together that your child can do with the babysitter.  Set up a special activity that they only do when a babysitter is present, so it is a “treat” and something to look forward to. (My son plays “hall cricket” with his babysitters – the only time a ball is allowed to be thrown inside!)
  • Book the babysitter to arrive half an hour before you want to go out.  Your child will relax more with a babysitter if they can see you together for a while first, and you’ll be more relaxed if you have seen how well they connect in that time.
  • If it’s a night time booking, make sure your Mynder arrives before your child goes to sleep, so if they wake in the night they see someone they already know rather than a stranger.

On the day

  • Give specific instructions to the babysitter about what should happen while you are away to ensure they follow your normal routine.  The Mynder Checklist is a quick and easy way to communicate this, and can be used over and over again.  Make sure you explain to the Mynder about the special activity you have planned with your child that can only be done with the babysitter!
  • Try not to worry if your child is crying when you leave.  Our skilled Mynders will be able to calm them down quickly (most children only take a few minutes to calm down when parents leave).  If you are concerned, ask your Mynder to call you when the child is settled.
  • Ask your Mynder to send you updates at certain times through the booking to reassure you everything is going well.
  • This is a hard one but try not to show your anxiety to your child.  Let your child know when you’ll be back, then leave with a big smile on your face.  Children will be less anxious if they see you are happy.
  • Give yourself permission to go out and have fun, and reward yourself for being a fantastic parent!