Prices, Payments & Cancellation Fees


We want to make it easy for you to book child care you love and that is reflected in our pricing.  You pay the child carer directly at the end of the booking (we don't take a cut) and you pay us a booking fee.  That's it!

Babysitter Prices

  • Mynder  $23 per hour
  • Mynder +/ Qualified Mynder  $28 per hour
  • Light housework $5 per hour for work completed (not the whole booking)

Our base rate reflects the Federal casual minimum wage.

The minimum booking period is 3 hours.

Mynder Prices

Mynder provides you with:

  • Access to fully screened mynders who have passed our 9 step Parent Test
  • Replacement mynders if your original carer is unable to attend the booking
  • Public liability insurance
  • A quick and easy way to book your carer


$30 per month provides you with unlimited bookings.  Perfect for the regular user.  There are no minimum periods - you can switch to Occasional User at any time.

Occasional User

$15 per booking.  A one off fee, payable when the booking is confirmed.

Make your choice when you make your first booking and we'll call you to request your payment details.  You can switch between the two options at any time.


Child care charges - Pay your child carer directly at the end of the booking.  All of our Mynders accept cash, and many accept Paypal (shown on their profile).

Booking fees - We will call you once we receive your first booking to collect your credit or debit card details.  Your payment information is stored securely in our Commonwealth Bank payment solution (and nowhere else).

Booking Fees are only charged when your booking is confirmed.  We do not charge a fee if we are unable to place a Mynder.

Cancellation Fees

We only charge cancellation fees if you give less than 48 hours notice.  This is to provide some compensation to the child carer who is unlikely to be able to find a replacement booking at late notice.  The cancellation fee is paid to the Mynder.

24-48 hours notice: 1.5 hours of the child carer's hourly rate + GST

Less than 24 hours: 3 hours of the child carer's hourly rate + GST